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Hope Among Us: Kayne Martin

Our second feature is from a local Six Nations ambassador, Miss Teen Six Nations 2018/19, Kayne Martin. Kayne is a high school student who belongs to the Cayuga nation. Her interests include drawing, reading, and baking. Kayne has not experienced her own personal mental health issues, however she has witnessed people she knows and in her community struggling with mental illness.

Self care is something very important to Kayne. “I usually listen to music while drawing or even reading to create a positive atmosphere. In a situation where I do feel bad I have [people in my life] that help me get back up and get motivated again.”

Kayne wanted to share some words surrounding these issues as a representative of Six Nations teens. As a message to youth, she says “[Don’t] be scared to open up about things to anyone close, whether that be a friend or family member.”

One day, Kayne hopes that the community can learn to work together, rather than exist in conflict. She also hopes to see action in helping individuals and the community cope with intergenerational trauma. “I feel as if when more people start opening up or even when it starts getting normalized that anyone can have a mental illness, it will be easier to support youth. I think that it's hard to support them now because some people don't think that youth can have mental illnesses, and that's why I feel some teens don't open up”.

Kayne has made a fantastic ambassador for Six Nations, and will continue her reign until she crowns her successor at the 2019 Six Nations Fall Fair.

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